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Is Your Clutch Going Out? Your Baltimore Auto Repair Shop Explains What to Look For

Clutch Replacement Baltimore

Your Baltimore auto repair shop explains the signs of a failing clutch.

If you’re a die-hard manual transmission fan, you probably already know that you’ll have to replace the clutch of your vehicle at some point, especially if you have to deal with city and beltway traffic in the Baltimore region! While we all learn the importance of not riding the clutch when we learn to drive a stick-shift, unfortunately, there are plenty out there who still do it. The more you use the clutch, the more worn down it will get and the quicker it will need to be replaced. Since a clutch can last anywhere from 20,000 to 150,000 miles before replacement, there are some signs you should look out for that clue you in that a trip to your local Baltimore auto repair shop is necessary!

Soft Clutch

A soft clutch, sometimes known as a “spongy” clutch owing to the way it feels when you depress the pedal, is an early warning sign that a clutch is giving out. Pay close attention to the way it feels and how far you let the clutch out before the gears catch. If the pedal needs to be let out most of the way before catching, that’s another bad sign.

Burning Smell

Usually, when there’s a problem with the clutch of a vehicle, it is accompanied by a burning smell. This is due to the friction caused by the slippage and should also indicate that you need to see the mechanics at your local Baltimore auto repair shop!

Trouble Shifting

Pay attention when you shift gears. If the vehicle does not engage smoothly and shakes when shifting, your clutch definitely needs to be replaced. This problem is most apparent when shifting into first gear and into reverse.

Visible Damage

If you’re good with cars, you can remove the inspection cover at the bottom of the bell housing and inspect your clutch yourself. Obvious visible damage is a bad sign. Black dust around the piece, however, is usually normal wear.

Don’t wait until it’s too late – if you notice any of the signs of clutch failure in your manual transmission car, contact the experts at Auto Stop Limited, your local Baltimore auto repair shop!

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