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How to Choose the Correct Oil for Your Toyota

How to Choose the Correct Oil for Your Toyota

Every Toyota owner has to go through this one task at least once a year. What are we talking about today? Oil!

Every Toyota owner has to go through this one task at least once a year. What are we talking about today? Oil! There are countless different oil options for Toyotas on the market today, and it can be hard to choose when you aren’t totally sure what you should be looking for. Here are some of the most effective ways to choose the right oil for your Toyota.

What Do the Labels Mean?

Two labels should be placed on every single container of oil that you consider purchasing to put in your Toyota—American Petroleum Institute Certified for Gasoline Engines and API Service SN. The API label signifies whether or not the oil is appropriate for your Toyota and if it is for a gasoline engine or a diesel engine. The second seal is the viscosity number, and it describes whether or not it passes the Energy Conserving test mandated by the government.

Why is Oil Important for Your Toyota?

Oil is critical for every car, and you should always purchase the best possible oil for the engine. There is one main factor that determines whether or not an oil will be effective for your Toyota:

  • Viscosity: This is the measure of how slow a liquid drips out of the container. Oil will thin as your car heats and thicken back up as things cool down. As a general rule of thumb, oil with a higher viscosity will seal better and help all of the moving parts to stay lubricated more easily. Your Toyota owner’s manual should have a viscosity recommendation in it. No matter what, you should follow what that guide says!

So Why Are There So Many Oils?

If your Toyota simply needs an oil that meets the viscosity rule, why are there so many different oils on the market? There are other factors that can help your engine to reach maximum performance! Your owner’s manual might also have other recommendations, like an energy conserving oil, an oil designed for vehicles with higher mileage, or a newer engine. Again, paying attention to the owner’s manual is the biggest factor in choosing the oil for your Toyota.

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