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Check Engine Light Service: 3 Common Culprits

Check Engine Light Service: 3 Common Culprits

Visit the team at Auto Stop Ltd. for check engine light service — you just might find one of these common culprits!

Few things are as anxiety-inducing for drivers as an illuminated check engine light. Even if the light isn’t blinking and there doesn’t seem to be an emergent issue, the fact that something might be wrong with your car can be stressful. Check engine light service is crucial, and finding the cause for your light’s sudden illumination is something that should not be put off for later. Visit the team at Auto Stop Ltd. for check engine light service — you just might find one of these common culprits!

You Might Not Need Check Engine Light Service — Check Your Gas Cap First!

Your check engine light might not be indicative of any major issue at all. While most drivers automatically assume the worst, your check engine light may have illuminated simply because you didn’t tighten your gas cap when you last refueled. Check your gas cap to see if it’s loose or missing. If your check engine light is still on after you’ve tightened or replaced your gas cap, you may have bigger problems.

An Illuminated Check Engine Light May Indicate Problems With These Sensors

Your car’s engine and fuel systems rely on a few different sensors to do their jobs effectively. Two sensors in particular, the mass airflow sensor and oxygen sensor, may need to be replaced from time to time. Check engine light service often reveals problems with one of these sensors. If faulty mass airflow or O2 sensors are the cause, simply repair or replace these sensors and continue driving with confidence.

Check Engine Service May Reveal a Faulty Catalytic Converter or Spark Plugs

Many drivers don’t think twice about their catalytic converter or spark plugs — they expect these parts to just work! However, like all other parts of your vehicle, your catalytic converter and spark plugs can become damaged and fail. While catalytic converters are typically intended to last throughout the car’s entire lifetime, they do need to be replaced from time to time. This can be an expensive part to replace, but replacement can help fix issues like decreased performance and fuel efficiency. Spark plugs, on the other hand, are incredibly affordable to replace. No matter the cause of your car’s issues, visit Auto Stop Ltd. for check engine light service!

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