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Car Symptoms that Require Transmission Repair

transmission repair

These three symptoms may indicate that your car needs transmission repair from a Baltimore auto professional.

There are many different noises, smells, and other symptoms that a car can display while driving that point to a serious issue. Many symptoms, from grinding noises to the smell of something burning, can be caused by a transmission in need of repair. If your car is acting strangely, especially when it changes gears, you may need to bring it to an auto repair expert for transmission repair. These three symptoms may indicate that your car needs transmission repair from a Baltimore auto professional.

1. Grinding Noises

Whether your vehicle has an automatic or a manual transmission, your car will shift gears as you drive. If you notice a grinding or whirring noise occurring regularly when you shift, your car likely has a transmission problem. This noise is not normal, and it should be addressed in a timely manner. If left unchecked, transmission problems can quickly worsen. Transmission repair can address a few issues including low transmission fluid, mechanical failure, and more.

2. Slow Response

If you shift gears or try to accelerate and your car does not respond very quickly, your transmission is probably low on fluid. Transmission fluid, which is red, can leak from faulty pipes or tubing, resulting in transmission issues. If you notice slow response or red puddles on your driveway, bring your car in to the Baltimore auto repair experts at Auto Stop Limited, Inc.

3. Burning Smell

Burning smells can be indicative of a few different car problems, from electrical shorts to an antifreeze leak. One problem that results in a burning smell is that of a faulty transmission. When the clutch is slipping or maladjusted, the face of it will burn off. This creates a burning smell that often smells like burning paper. Bring your car in for transmission repair if you notice this burning smell.

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