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Car Noises: 5 Problem Sounds You Need to Fix

If you constantly hear strange car noises while you’re driving, your vehicle is trying to tell you that it may need a repair.

If you let problems persist too long, you are going to feel it in your wallet when small problems turn into big issues. Below are five car noises that suggest you need to see a mechanic immediately.


Hearing a strange car noise? Your best bet is to get it checked out.

1. Screeching and Squealing Brakes


If you hear screeching and squealing noises from your car when you brake, this is normally an indication that the brake hardware is worn down. When a pad is not releasing properly, it creates excessive heat and noise. Some manufacturers even build in a brake wear indication system that lets out squealing sounds to let you know you need a replacement, but any sort of screeching and squealing car noise is not a good sign. You need your break pads to work properly for your safety, so take your car in as soon as possible to test the brakes.


2. Rattling and Rumbling Exhaust Noises Under the Car


Sometimes rattling and rumbling sounds under the car can be as simple as reattaching a loose pipe or replacing corroded pipes. You may have a larger issue, however, as rattling and rumbling sounds can mean that your catalytic converter needs to be repaired.


3. Grinding Noises


Just like screeching and squealing brakes, grinding sounds are not a car noise that you want to hear. This is something that can be hard to initially diagnosis because it could mean something is rubbing against the break rotors, you haven’t replaced the pads in time or it could mean that the brake calipers or pistons are grinding against your rotor.


4. Car Noises Under the Hood


When you hear car noises under the hood like chirping or squealing, it usually means that you may need a drive belt replacement. The belt transfers power produced by the engine’s revolutions to the accessories in your car. The belt will wear down over time, and the belt starts to slip. The slipping causes the belt to create the chirping and squealing sounds you may be experiencing. If you ignore this problem, you could lose your power steering or the engine cooling system.


5. Humming and Growling Car Noises


Humming, growling and roaring car noises are normally related to your tires and wheel bearings. Your tires may just simply need to be replaced, but you could have a more serious problem like a bad wheel bearing. If you’re bearing breaks down, you could be left on the side of the road with a wheel that won’t move because the bearing has given out. It’s never fun to deal with car issues, but taking care of small problems will prevent you from spending more money on larger issues down the road.


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