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Car Maintenance: Your Paint Job


car maintenance

Maintain your car’s beautiful finish with these tips.

As part of your regular car maintenance, you check your tire pressure, examine your wiper blades, and ensure that your oil doesn’t need to be changed. Beyond basic steps to keep your car in good working order, car maintenance should also include what your car looks like on the outside (even though what’s inside counts too)! Help keep your car paint looking great and protecting your car by following these five simple steps of car paint maintenance.


First things first, wash the outer surfaces of your car. Use a wash made specifically for cars that is pH balanced and a soft microfiber wash cloth or mitt. Make sure that you mix the car wash soap with the right amount of water and that you park your car in the shade before you begin washing. Wash the surface once it is cool, which can be tricky in the August heat, and make sure you remove all loose debris from the surface as you go. Use the two-bucket method to keep your wash mitt clean as you go by keeping one bucket strictly for washing and the other strictly for rinsing. This protects your car’s paint as you clean.


For cleaning your car paint you can use detailing clay and/or liquid paint cleaners. Detailing clay does a great job at removing contaminants that are stuck to the paint above the surface like fallout or tree sap mist. This is a simple and easy process that helps keep your car paint looking great. Liquid paint cleaner is a little trickier. It removes defects in the paint that are below the surface like holograms or swirls. Many times these come from a bad car wash or improperly wielded washing tools.


Polishing helps to restore the beautiful showroom-new appearance to your car and car paint. This may seem like an optional step of car maintenance, but it does help to protect the paint as well as make it look beautiful. Polishes don’t need to dry and a little bit goes a long way.


Now that you have restored your car paint and it looks almost new, apply a coat of sealant or wax to protect all of the hard work you did. Don’t apply the wax too heavily, otherwise it won’t dry properly and will waste excess product. Once the wax dries fully, it should be easy to swipe off and come off easily. If you do this in the summer, the high humidity may prolong the process.


Now that you have restored your car paint to a brand new sparkling finish, remember to maintain. Wash your car regularly to make sure that contaminants don’t get the chance to bond to the surface and repeat this whole process again every time your car needs another sparkle.

Don’t Do It Alone

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