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Car Issues Explained: The Most Common Signs of a Problematic Alternator


If any of these signs occur during your daily drive, it’s time to have your alternator looked at by a local auto expert.

When your car starts acting up, your mind might not instantly go to the alternator. There are many signs and symptoms that could indicate problems with your alternator. Some of these problems are easily fixed with the proper tools. Other alternator issues are more complicated and require a local auto expert to solve the problems that are keeping you off the road. If any of these signs occur during your daily drive, it’s time to have your alternator looked at by a Baltimore car expert.

What’s That Noise?

If you have been hearing any grinding or squealing sounds coming from your car, those could be indicative of a problem with your charging system. A grinding sound could also be symptomatic of worn bearings within your alternator. Any squealing sounds may be coming from a loose or glazed belt. If you are hearing either of these sounds, take your car into a trusted, local mechanic as soon as you possibly can.

External Electrical Issues

A battery gone bad may also be what you’re thinking is an alternator problem. Electrical issues cannot go overlooked. Take your car to a Baltimore mechanic where your electrical connections can be checked for tightness, and the voltage drop between the alternator and the battery can be tested. Almost all newer cars have a light on the dashboard that will indicate a problem with your alternator. Although it may not be immediately clear what the issue is, it is best to have a professional take a look before driving your car again.

Voltage Output

Now that you’ve checked for external electrical issues and come up empty, it’s time to take a look at your voltage output. Low output voltage may be caused by a problem with your regulator. You can check for problems with your voltage output by checking the engine idle speed. If your engine’s idle speed is okay during your tests, it may be a larger problem with your regulator or alternator altogether. If this is the case, it’s best to have these tests run by an auto expert who can diagnose the real issue and discover whether or not you’ll need a new part.

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