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Can my Car handle Winter? Your Baltimore Auto Mechanic has the Answer

Christmas is almost here which can only mean one thing; winter is in full swing. The temperature has dropped off and snow is inevitably in the future for Maryland. And while this is great news for your son or daughter, who will love the day off from school, this means harsh driving conditions for you. And if you are not prepared, this could mean slipping, sliding, and even accidents. So it is important to ensure your car or truck is ready for winter.

The ability of your car or truck to handle in snowy conditions begins with your tires. Are they capable of handling the slippery conditions? How do you know?

Tires and Snowy Conditions

Tires come in three basic forms: summer tires, all-season tires, and snow tires.

  1. Summer Tires: Summer tires are completely useless in snowy conditions. If you have summer tires, you should have these replaced as soon as possible, before the weather worsens.
  2. All Season Tires: The most common tire nowadays, all-season tires are good in all conditions, but great in none. Your all-season tires will provide decent grip in snowy conditions.
  3. Snow Tires: Obviously the best choice for snowy conditions, snow tires have better grip on snow and ice. However, these tires wear down quickly on snow-free roads.

The ability of your car or truck to handle in snowy conditions may begin with your tires, but it ends with YOU.

Winter Driving Tips

  1. First and foremost, use caution and increase your following distance from other cars.
  2. Always use two hands while driving in snowy conditions. This will give you more control and stability.
  3. Slow down gradually, giving yourself plenty of time to come to a stop or turn. Slowing down suddenly will more than likely lead to slipping and sliding.
  4. When making a turn, maintain an average speed. Do not try to slow down or seed up suddenly. Also, do not make any sudden wheel movements.
  5. If you do lose control, release your brakes immediately to help regain traction. Then, slowly begin braking again.
  6. Take your time. Make sure you give yourself extra time to reach your destination. Rushing is not an option!

Auto Stop Limited: Preparing your Car or Truck for the harsh Maryland Winter

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