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Brake Trouble? Get Help!


Are you having trouble with your brakes?

If you are having brake trouble, here are some tips you can use to solve your brake problems and get back on track. To check your brakes, step on the pedal and press it down. While you do this, pay close attention to how the pedal feels under your foot and evaluate the sensation carefully. Start your engine but keep your car in park and look out for these things.  


A Spongy Feeling  


If it feels spongy you most likely have air in your brake lines. Correcting this problem with some rudimentary vehicle maintenance is not hard unless your brakes have a sophisticated brake system. If you are not sure what kind of brake system your car has, getting professional help is recommended.  


A Sinking Pedal


If when you apply pressure the pedal sinks, this can indicate that your master cylinder is defective. This is unsafe and requires immediate vehicle maintenance.   


How Hard Is It To Bring Your Car To A Stop?  


Release your parking brake and drive a short distance while stopping every now and then. If you have power brakes and it requires excessive effort to stop your car, it may be time to have your power booster replaced. You don’t need any brake trouble.


Your Brakes Feel Low


Brake trouble can mean a lot of things. Pay attention especially if your brakes feel low. Pump the pedal as you drive around and see how it feels. This can mean that you either need a brake adjustment or more brake fluid. If even after adding brake fluid things do not feel right, or you are not low on fluid at all, carefully get to a service facility as soon as possible.


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