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Brake Service Basics: All About Anti-Lock Brakes

Brake Service Basics: All About Anti-Lock Brakes

Here are some of the basics of anti-lock brakes, including how they work and some common brake service concerns.

If your car was made after 2013, you have probably seen the term “ABS” on a dashboard light, button, or owner’s manual. Anti-lock brake systems come standard in most cars today, and ABS is particularly useful in places like Baltimore that experience inclement weather. ABS is designed to restore traction in slippery conditions like snow, sleet, and rain. Here are some of the basics of anti-lock brakes, including how they work and some common brake service concerns.

What Do Anti-Lock Brake Systems Do?

Anti-lock brake systems sense when your tires are losing traction and prevent them from locking and skidding. When you brake in slippery conditions and your wheels begin to lock up, your vehicle may shudder and vibrate as the ABS starts to work. The system engages the brakes in a fast, rhythmic pattern to maintain traction and prevent skidding. While some modern vehicles have a switch to disable the ABS, this safety feature has actually become mandatory for new cars in many countries.

How Does ABS Work?

There are two main types of anti-lock brake systems — four-wheel ABS and rear-wheel ABS — and they each work slightly differently. Generally, when you hit the brakes and your wheels begin to lock, your ABS does a few things. It automatically adjusts brake fluid for each wheel individually for optimal performance, and it causes the brakes to engage and release repeatedly. This helps prevent skidding. Without ABS, sudden braking in slippery conditions can cause wheels to lock up and lose traction.

Brake Service Concerns and Complications

Although ABS is often seen as a good thing, many drivers associate it with the ABS warning light on their dashboard. This light indicates a need for brake service, though the specific cause can be one of many brake-related issues. Things like contaminated brake fluid, obstructed brake sensors, unsafe tire tread, or improper tire inflation may be to blame. If your vehicle’s ABS light illuminates, visit the experts at Auto Stop Limited, Inc. for brake service.

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