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Baltimore Drivers Among the Most Accident Prone in the Nation

As a resident of Baltimore, you may have already known this, you simply lacked the data to back it up. Maybe it’s the fact that a day rarely passes without a huge rubbernecking backup on the beltway, or you’ve been cut off for the third time today, or you narrowly avoided an intersection collision with a driver who thought they could make that left as the turn light turned red.

Baltimore collision frequency


But now, it’s official. Baltimore’s drivers are some of the most accident prone in the nation, according to a new report released by Allstate Insurance. The report ranked 200 metropolitan areas across the country in terms of car collision frequency. Baltimore and Washington, D.C. finished at the very bottom, ranked 193rd and 194th respectively. (Some cities were combined due to the fact that they share the same zip codes, which is why two cities are not 199th and 200th). Drivers in Baltimore go an average of 5.4 years between accidents, and are 86.1% more likely to get in an accident than the national average. Drivers in D.C. average an accident every 4.8 years and are 109.3% more likely to get in an accident than the national average.


Our neighbors to the north didn’t fare much better. Philadelphia is ranked 182th on the list and New York 172nd. Out west, Los Angeles is ranked 181st and San Francisco 186th. Seattle is slightly better, at 160th.


Where are all the good drivers? They’re in Fort Collins, Colorado, ranked number one on the list. Drivers there are 28.2% less likely to get in an accident than the national average, and go an average of 14 years between accidents. Idaho state capital Boise is number two on the list, with drivers averaging 13.4 years between accidents. Among the top ten cities, the closest to Baltimore is 735 miles away in Hunstville, Alabama, ranked 7th on the list. Drivers there are 20.1% less likely than the national average to get into an accident.

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