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Your Baltimore Auto Repair Shop Explains the Basics of Fuel System Maintenance

Fuel System Maintenance

If you notice any signs of trouble with your fuel system, contact your local Baltimore auto repair shop.

The fuel system is a critical component of your vehicle that needs to be functioning properly. Not only can your fuel economy be adversely affected by a poorly working fuel system, but it can also affect the longevity of your engine. Fuel systems have come a long way from the very inefficient carburetors that dominated vehicles in the old days and are highly technical components. Auto Stop, your local Baltimore auto repair shop, can help you keep your fuel system maintained! Here are some of the basics of keeping your fuel system in good shape for continued smooth driving.

Fuel Injectors

Fuel systems used to use carburetors to feed fuel into the engine, but these were very inefficient and contributed to poor fuel economy. Today’s systems use fuel injectors, which electronically controls the amount of fuel that enters the engine. This ensures that when you press down on the accelerator, the proper amount fuel feeds the engine. While these systems are much better for fuel economy, their complexity means that they require basic maintenance from time to time to ensure that they run efficiently.

Cleaning the Fuel System

When an auto repair shop cleans the fuel system of your vehicle, they remove fuel build-up and sludge deposits, clear the cylinder heads and intake valves, and flushes the entire system. Doing this ensures that your vehicle is getting the most out of every gallon of gasoline – improving economy, performance, and extending the life of your engine. In general, this service should be performed every 60,000 miles.

When Should You Have your Fuel System Checked Out?

However, you should contact your Baltimore auto repair shop when you notice these problems to have a licensed mechanic check out your fuel system.

  • Whining noise from the fuel tank: usually the fuel system produces a quiet hum during operation, but a loud whine is indicative of a larger problem.
  • Difficulty starting your vehicle: Over time, your fuel injectors may weaken and wear out. A lack of pressure can make it hard to start your vehicle, taking more cranks of the engine to turn over than normal.
  • Decrease in fuel efficiency: A sharp decrease in your normal fuel economy should be a serious cause for concern. Have a licensed mechanic take a look at your vehicle as soon as possible.

Fuel System Maintenance and Service from Auto Stop Limited

Auto Stop Limited Inc., a locally-owned Baltimore auto repair shop, is happy to service your vehicle and make sure all of your maintenance needs are properly addressed and resolved. Contact Auto Stop Limited Inc. online or give us a call at (410) 467-7600 to get your questions answered today. To get more vehicle maintenance tips, follow us on TwitterFacebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.

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