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The Baltimore Auto Repair Experts on Your Vehicle’s Brake System

Brake System Baltimore

Baltimore traffic can be rough on your brake system – learn more about maintaining your brakes below.

Of all the safety features in your vehicle that protect you and your passengers, perhaps none are as important as your brake system. Keeping up with the maintenance of your brakes and staying vigilant for any potential problems should be one of your key priorities in the overall upkeep of your vehicle. Auto Stop, your Baltimore auto repair experts, can service your vehicle’s brake system and help you keep your friends, family, and self safe on the road.

Brake Pads: The Essence of a Brake System

Brakes are designed to convert a driver’s action – depressing the brake pedal – into physical force that stops the vehicle. The brake system as a whole is comprised of several parts. Perhaps the most important of these parts are the brake pads – these are the components that come in direct contact with the brake rotors which causes a vehicle to stop. It seems simple, but consider the amount of force these pads are required to stop every time you hit the brake pedal. Brake pads undergo an extreme amount of stress and generate a lot of heat – it’s critical, therefore, to have them replaced once they show signs of wear.

When to Have Brake Pads Replaced

There’s no hard and fast rule to getting brake pads replaced. It’s generally a good idea to have them inspected every six or twelve months, usually whenever you have a tire rotation completed. Depending on your driving habits and the environment, you may need to have your brake pads replaced sooner or later. But there are a few key things to watch out for. If you have a newer vehicle, you might have a light in your dashboard that is activated when your brake pads are wearing thin. Even if your vehicle doesn’t have this technology, the pads themselves will, almost literally, yell at you when they need to be replaced – they will usually screech whenever you come to a halt. Other indications that your brake pads need to be replaced include longer stopping distances, a less responsive brake pedal, and pulsations on the brake pedal when you engage it.

Brake System Maintenance from Auto Stop Limited

Auto Stop Limited Inc., a locally-owned Baltimore auto repair shop, is happy to service your vehicle and make sure all of your maintenance needs are properly addressed and resolved. Contact Auto Stop Limited Inc. online or give us a call at (410) 467-7600 to get your questions answered today. To get more vehicle maintenance tips, follow us on TwitterFacebookGoogle+, and LinkedIn.

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