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Automotive Service Tips: Potential Leak Causes by Color

Automotive Service Tips: Potential Leak Causes by Color

In this automotive service guide, we will discuss different types of fluid that can leak from your car and what the impact of those leaks can be.

If you have ever noticed fluid leaking from your car, you know how anxiety-inducing potential leaks can be. Power steering fluid, motor oil, brake fluid — there are many types of liquids that, when found beneath your car, indicate a leak somewhere. While most of these issues necessitate automotive service from your local mechanic, knowing what different colors of fluids indicate can be helpful. In this automotive service guide, we will discuss different types of fluid that can leak from your car and what the impact of those leaks can be.


Clear fluid pooling beneath cars is a fairly common occurrence. Fortunately, clear liquid is usually just condensation and is nothing to worry about. To make sure that the liquid leaking from your car is truly clear, allow it to drip onto white paper or a paper towel. This can help you identify the fluid’s color.

Red, Pink, or Orange

If the fluid beneath your car is reddish-pink in color, your vehicle’s transmission or power steering system could be to blame. Keep these systems in mind and watch for any additional symptoms as you take your car to your local mechanic for service. Orange fluid can be indicative of a few different things. Transmission fluid can appear orangish on occasion. A rusty radiator can also be the culprit, as rust can add an orange tinge to both condensation and antifreeze. While condensation is harmless, it can be difficult to tell the difference between the orange fluids. Consult an automotive service expert to diagnose your vehicle.


Brown fluid can be from a few different sources, but all are cause for concern. Liquid that is a darker shade of brown could either be brake fluid or motor oil that is past its prime. Light brown liquid is often motor oil as well, albeit oil that is not as dirty as it could be. In either case, it is crucial that you have your car serviced immediately. Leaks that produce motor oil or brake fluid can be catastrophic, and your life (and the life of your car) could be at risk if you ignore these issues.

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