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Automotive Service: Get Your Cooling System Ready for Summer

Automotive Service: Get Your Cooling System Ready for Summer

Here are a handful of common cooling system problems that automotive service professionals may see this summer.

As temperatures rise, drivers are relying more and more on the cooling systems in their cars. Few things are more miserable than a long drive without A/C on a hot day, but an overheated engine due to cooling failures can quickly become immeasurably worse. Baltimore drivers should ensure that their radiators and cooling systems are ready to roll before taking long, hilly, and demanding drives on a hot summer day. Otherwise, Baltimoreans may experience engine complications and overheating. Here are a handful of common cooling system problems that automotive service professionals may see this summer.

Radiator Leaks are a Common Automotive Service Issue

Radiator leaks, either in the radiator itself or in the connected hoses, can severely limit your radiator’s cooling capabilities. A leak can decrease the amount of radiator fluid circulating throughout the system (or drastically reduce the pressure), making it harder for the cooling system to prevent overheating. Leaks can get worse slowly over time, so pay particular attention to any unusual puddles fluid on your driveway.

Water Pump Problems Contribute to Overheating

Water pumps are another essential component of your vehicle’s cooling system. Your engine relies upon liquid cooling to stay within suitable temperature parameters, and a functioning water pump keeps coolant moving throughout the system. Faulty components and worn-out parts can wreak havoc in any part of your car, including the water pump. If you suspect cooling system issues in your vehicle, an automotive service professional can help you determine the root cause.

Thermostat Failure Complicates Cooling Issues

How does your vehicle’s cooling system know when to run? A working thermostat is another crucial component in the fight against engine overheating. A faulty thermostat may prevent your cooling system from doing its job, putting you at greater risk for engine trouble on a hot summer day. Make sure your vehicle is up to the challenge with automotive service from Auto Stop Ltd.!

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