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Auto Service Spotlight: All About Your Alternator

Auto Service Spotlight: All About Your Alternator

In this auto service spotlight, we explore the role your alternator plays in your vehicle, as well as some warning signs for alternator trouble.

Your car’s battery does a lot, but it might not do as much as you think. In actuality, your alternator is responsible for a lot of electronic functions that occur when your motor is running. Although alternators are an essential part of cars today, many people do not know much about them. In this auto service spotlight, we explore the role your alternator plays in your vehicle, as well as some warning signs for alternator trouble.

What Your Alternator Does

When your car’s motor is off, your battery does a lot of the electrical heavy lifting: running your radio, keeping your lights on, and starting the car when it’s off are all things for which your battery is responsible. However, when your motor is on, these functions and more are powered by your alternator. Alternators transform mechanical energy into electrical power, which is then used by your radio, dashboard lights, windshield wipers, electrical steering, heated seats, and more. This vital piece of equipment keeps a steady flow of electricity going to all of your car’s components.

Alternator Warning Signs: When to Seek Auto Service

While alternators are essential for modern cars, most drivers would not know one if they saw one. This is because most of the time, an alternator will last for the entire lifetime of a car. However, some alternators experience trouble and require auto service or replacement. Many drivers will see signs of a bad alternator and blame their car’s battery; a dead battery or a car that won’t start may actually be caused by a malfunctioning alternator. Other signs of alternator trouble include unusually dim or bright lights, whining noises from under the hood, frequent stalling, and malfunctioning electronic accessories. If you see any of these symptoms, seek auto service from a trusted mechanic. While a battery replacement may be the solution, a bad alternator can render a new battery useless after a short time.

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