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Auto Service Spotlight: 3 Common Steering Problems

Auto Service Spotlight: 3 Common Steering Problems

If you encounter sudden jerking, swaying, or other unusual performance from your steering system, be sure to visit the auto service experts at Auto Stop Limited.

When you drive around town, you expect your steering system to do its job. If you adjust your steering wheel to go straight or turn, you expect your car to follow suit. Unfortunately, steering systems aren’t always perfect. If you encounter sudden jerking, swaying, or other unusual performance from your steering system, be sure to visit the auto service experts at Auto Stop Limited. These common steering problems can be a bit scary, but you can get back to driving with ease with routine auto service and prompt repair.

See an Auto Service Expert for Fluid Problems in Power Steering Systems

Power steering has revolutionized the driving experience, and each system relies upon power steering fluid. As with any other fluid-filled system, your car’s power steering can experience complications related to leaks, low fluid levels, and worn or broken components. If you notice that your steering wheel is sluggish or difficult to move, your fluid levels may be low. Whining or squealing can also occur when attempting to move your steering wheel. While the cause may be as simple as low fluid levels, your auto service expert may find a leak in your power steering system.

Failing Power Steering Belts and Steering Rack Mounts

Most cars also rely upon a power steering belt and rack mount to function. Like all belts, power steering belts can eventually wear out or become damaged or slack. The signs of a faulty belt include steering that is heavy or jerky, and your mechanic may need to replace the belt entirely. Rack mounts and their bushings, on the other hand, can create unusual sounds when they start to fail. You may hear popping, clicking, or clunking noises in addition to jerky steering.

Faulty Tie Rods and Strut Bearings Need Auto Service

Finally, problems with steering may be related to the tie rods and strut bearings in your suspension. Steering systems and suspension are very closely linked, and your steering problems may be the result of issues with your strut bearings or tie rods. If you notice a loose steering wheel or wandering wheels, consult a trusted mechanic for diagnostic services and repair.

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