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Auto Repair Annapolis: Preparing Your Car for Summer Road Trips

Spring has sprung and the temperature seemingly went from freezing to the mid 80’s in a little over a week. Before you know it, it will be time to pack up that car and head to the beach or your other favorite summer vacation spot. And while most people are worried about their tan and losing a few pounds before bathing suit season, there is one area that most people overlook: their car.

Preparing Your Car for Summer Road Trips

Just because you are ready for that summer road trip doesn’t mean your car is. So before you pack up your car and head to the beach, take a few minutes to make sure your car is prepared.

  1. Check Fluids: Check engine oil, power steering fluid, brake and transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and antifreeze/coolant.
  2. Check Hoses and Belts: Check your hoses and belts for any signs of excessive wear, including cracking and fraying. These are sure signs that you need a new hose or belt.
  3. Check Tires: Be sure to examine the tread of your tires, as well as tire pressure. Uneven wear indicates a need for wheel alignment.
  4. Check Lights: Check your headlights, brake lights, and turn signals to ensure everything is in perfect working order.
  5. Stay Aware: If you are like most people, you like cranking up your music when you go for a drive. However, while this may make your drive more enjoyable, it may also distract you from possible warning signs, such as engine noise. So try driving around for a bit with the radio off. Notice anything unusual?

If you notice anything irregular, do not hesitate to take the car to your local auto repair shop.

Auto Repair Annapolis

At Auto Stop Limited, your Annapolis auto repair shop, we specialize in diagnosing engine and transmission trouble and keeping your vehicle running like new. We service all makes and models and our auto mechanics use the latest in diagnostic technology to get you and your car on the road safely and quickly. Best of all, all of our work 100% guaranteed!

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