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Auto Diagnostics in Baltimore: Do I Have a Bad CV Joint?

Are you hearing a weird sound when you turn your car? And getting a vibration in the wheel when you turn? Or hearing a noise when you accelerate or decelerate? It could be a bad CV joint.

Your constant velocity (CV) joint is an important part of your car. This joint transfers the torque generated by your transmission to the driving wheels at a constant speed. These parts are built to last for a long time. Many vehicles go their whole lives with the original joints. But like any part of your car, they will eventually wear out. And when they do, your car won’t go anywhere. Plus, driving on a bad CV joint is a safety hazard, because if it fails while you’re moving at a high speed, you’ll lose control of the vehicle. That’s why it’s important to get your CV joint repaired as soon as possible.

So let’s do a little auto diagnostics in Baltimore. Do you have a bad CV joint?


A CV joint.

Auto Diagnostics in Baltimore: Do I Have a Bad CV Joint?


What happens to the joint?

The joint has a protective boot around it. This boot is actually made up of an inner and outer boot, and keeps debris out of the joint, as well as keeps the lubricant in so the joint can function. If this boot gets cracked, the lubricant leaks out, which will eventually cause the joint to fail.

Signs of a Bad Joint


Noises While Turning

This is the most common sign of a bad CV joint. You might hear a clicking, squeaking, or popping sound when you turn. If you do hear this, make sure you go slow through turns until you can get the part fixed. Accelerating through turns only puts more stress on the joint.

Difficulty Turning

The worse shape the joint is in, the harder it will be for you to turn. The harder it is for you to turn, the sooner you should get bring your car to your mechanic for auto diagnostics in Baltimore.

Vibrations in the Wheel or Floorboard

Vibrations can come from a number of different sources, but a bad CV joint is one of them.

Noise when Accelerating or Decelerating

A clunking, growling, or humming when accelerating or decelerating all can be indicative of a problem with the CV joint.

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