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Ask the Baltimore Auto Repair Experts: What are the Symptoms of a Bad CV Axle?

CV Axle Joint

Your Baltimore auto repair experts explain how to recognize trouble with your vehicle’s CV axle.

Of the many different components that make up a motor vehicle, perhaps none are as little known as the constant velocity axle, also known as the CV axle. This component transfers power from the transmission and differential to the wheels – in other words, it is the direct link between your engine and your wheels. The CV axle also has a greased, flexible joint, covered by a rubber boot, that lets the axle flex as road conditions change with a minimal impact on the delivery of power. This critical vehicle component is subject to high levels of stress and can wear out over time. How can you tell whether your CV axle needs to be repaired or replaced?

1. Clicking Noises During Turning

The most common and noticeable symptom of a bad CV axle is a loud clicking noise whenever you execute a turn. This is because the joint has been loosened as a result of the wear and tear on the axle and this loosening produces a clicking sound when turning. The clicking sound is especially loud and pronounced during faster or sharper turners.

2. Grease on the Edge of the Tire

If the rubber boot protecting the greased, flexible joint of the CV axle is ripped off or damaged, it can cause grease to be flung out in all directions when the axle is turned. This can produce a layer of grease on the inside edge of a tire. This problem should be addressed by your local Baltimore auto repair shop as soon as possible, as dirt and debris can get inside the boot, damage the joint, and lead to the necessity of a full replacement.

3. Excessive Vibration when Driving

If the CV axle is damaged such that its balance while driving is disrupted, you’ll notice that your vehicle will start vibrating excessively when you drive it. Either the vibrations will oscillate or grow as your vehicle increases in speed. This excessive vibration is not only uncomfortable, it can also be very dangerous as it interferes with handling and safety. If your CV axle is damaged enough that it causes your entire vehicle to vibrate, that indicates that it needs to be completely replaced.

CV Axle Repair and Replacement from Auto Stop Limited

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