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April Is National Car Care Month! Here’s What You Need to Know

Your car gets a whole lot of wear and tear. Everyday driving can take a serious toll and that’s if you’re lucky enough to avoid potholes and accidents, simply driving to and from work every day is enough to create problems that need to be kept up with. This is why routine maintenance is so important. In today’s blog, we’ll go over everything you need to know to keep your car in its best shape. Learn more, below!

car care month

April Is National Car Care Month, which makes it a great time to ensure that you’re covering all of your car maintenance basics.

Make sure you’re using the right gas

Most cars will run just fine on regular old unleaded, but if your owner’s manual specifies that you should be using a higher grade then you should definitely follow their lead. Using the wrong kind of gas can lead to unnecessary wear and tear on your engine, and a full-on replacement is definitely a headache you want to avoid!

Check on any recalls

If your car has had any recalls placed on it, you should’ve received a notice in the mail outlining the problem and how to get it fixed. Be sure to take your car in as soon as possible to have these recalls attended to because they can create a serious safety hazard.

Keep up with DIY maintenance

While you should always have any car troubles examined by a professional mechanic, there are some maintenance habits that you can get into which will help keep your car in good shape. Learn more in our blog, DIY Car Maintenance Basics where you can find tips and tricks for ensuring that your car is able to handle routine daily use while staying in tip-top shape.

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