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All About Your Baltimore Car’s Clutch


Learn some important information about your car’s clutch.

When you think of car parts, usually the engine, brakes, and battery come to mind. These components are easily understood, even for people who don’t consider themselves car enthusiasts. However, there are many more parts to your vehicle and they all play a role in ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly. The clutch is one of the parts that you should know about. Here is some important information you should know.

What’s A Clutch?

In your car, there are two shafts that rotate. Your clutch connects these two shafts, which allows them to spin at the same speed or to move separately from each other. Your vehicle’s engine is in constant motion but your tires are not. In order to allow you to stop your wheels from moving without having to turn your engine off, your car needs its clutch. The clutch separates or “decouples” your tires and your engine. Your clutch connects your engine to your transmission seamlessly.

Types Of Clutch

Though any clutch will serve the same purpose, there are different kinds of clutches in different vehicles. In vehicles with automatic transmissions, there are typically multiple clutches all working to keep your car running properly. These clutches work with the gears in your car and are put into motion by hydraulic fluid. In addition, there’s a clutch in your air conditioner’s compressor and cooling fan.

Common Clutch Issues

As you use your vehicle more and more, your clutch can become worn down. No matter how well you maintain your clutch, you will experience issues with it at some time. Unlike your brakes or your tires, you don’t see your clutch so it can be hard to know how to maintain them. It’s important to just get your care maintained regularly.

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