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7 Tips for Driving Safely This Summer

safe driving tips

Drive safely!

Thanks to schools opening later this year, there is still plenty of summer left to enjoy! If you are planning a road trip or an extra vacation during the dog days of summer, driving safety is incredibly important. Before you hit the road, take a look through these seven tips for driving safely this summer.

Turn Off Your Phone

One of the leading causes of summer accidents is distracted driving caused by cell phones. Anyone who is texting you on the road can wait until you’re off the road! Make sure that your phone is out of sight and out of mind whenever you are driving, even if you are waiting for a call or text. If you need to take a call while driving, pull off the road at a safe stopping point to take it.

Organize Your Car

If you are going to be taking a road trip, you probably need access to multiple things within easy reach, including tickets for the tolls you pass through, money to pay the tolls, snacks, and water. Always have whatever you need while you are driving immediately accessible so that you aren’t rooting through your car while on the road.

Get Your Passengers to Help

If you need something while you are driving, get your passengers involved! You are the driver, so your job is driving the car. Ask for help whenever you need to do something, whether it’s texting someone back or grabbing the toll money from the backseat.

Keep It Light

The time for serious or intense conversations is not while driving, so save those conversations for later. When driving, engage in conversations that are light and not mentally demanding so that you can keep your full attention on the road. Driving is not the time to have these intense moments. Instead, wait until you reach your destination.

Avoid Using Voice Commands

Alright, so you need to answer the phone or change the song and want to try to do the right thing by keeping your hands on the wheel. Even if you are using voice commands to get things done while you drive, you are still not giving your undivided attention to the road. Avoid using voice commands and instead keep your eyes trained on the road.

Drive Safe with Your GPS

If you use your GPS on your smartphone, you can still stay focused on the road by putting your phone on Do Not Disturb or silent mode. You will be able to stay focused and get the information that you need without the pesky distractions.

Enjoy Some Quiet

If you are traveling on your own or with your family, enjoy some quiet time! Don’t feel pressured to fill every moment with distractions or noise.

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