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5 Signs Your Transmission Needs Servicing

Transmission problems are ne of the most expensive repairs a car will require but ignoring the signs that your car is in trouble will only make the problem worse, potentially creating an unsafe driving environment. Ensure your safety and that of your loved ones by learning how to recognize the signs that it’s time to take in your car for a checkup. Learn more from your Baltimore mechanic, below.


Learn about the warning signs for transmission troubles.

5 Signs Your Transmission Needs Servicing From Your Baltimore Mechanic

Transmission slips

When your automatic transmission begins slipping, the engine noise may become higher pitched or begin to sound like it’s whining. It can also feel like it slips out of gear for no reason or like your car is simply struggling as though it doesn’t have enough power. If you begin to notice any of these signs be sure to make an appointment with an experienced Baltimore mechanic to get it looked at as soon as possible.

Trouble shifting

If your car begins to have trouble shifting then it’s time to get it looked at. It might feel like it won’t change gears like it usually does or that shifting gears is clunky. If you hear a noice like a thunk or a thud when you shift this is a definite sign of transmission issues. Your car may also have trouble getting up to speed.

Engagement Delay

If you have trouble going from park into drive, it can be a sign of transmission problems. You might experience a delay while you rev your engine before it actually engages.

Leaking Fluid

A transmission should never leak as they are a sealed unit. If you look under your car and notice any sort of puddle, begin by trying to determine where it’s coming from and whether it’s an active leak. If it’s coming from the transmission then the fluid will be red or brown. It is best not to attempt to refill transmission fluid yourself as overfilling can cause huge problems so it is best left to a professional. Your Baltimore mechanic can get this job done quickly and correctly.

Check Engine Light

While a check engine light doesn’t necessarily indicate a transmission problem, if it lights up after you have noticed any other symptoms then you should definitely have it checked out professionally. They will be able to quickly determine whether the light is related to the transmission and, if so, what can be done about it.

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