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5 Signs Your Catalytic Converter is Failing

Catalytic Converter

If you notice any of these five warning signs, you should have your catalytic converter checked out by your local Baltimore auto repair shop.

If you are concerned about your catalytic converter, take it into the professionals at Auto Stop right away. If you aren’t sure what the problem is, here are 5 of the most common signs that a catalytic converter is failing.


Is your engine system misfiring? The catalytic converter might be overheating as a result. Another cause of regular misfiring is a very rich fuel mixture. When there is an extra rich fuel mixture in the system, raw fuel will enter the catalytic converter and ignite. The actual components of the catalytic converter can melt under these conditions.

Your Car Isn’t Performing Like It Used To

If you notice reduced performance in your car, it might be as a result of a failing catalytic converter. This happens because exhaust is getting trapped in front of your catalytic converter. Back pressure will affect how well your engine can run and actually cause stalling while you drive. Your car may feel like there is an air lock in the system as it jerks.

Fuel Vapor

Does your car have a carburetor? If you understand how to test the catalytic converter, go ahead and test it. Remove the air cleaner and hold a powerful light near the intake. Look over the carburetor in the direction of the light and rev the engine a couple times. Is there fuel vapor suspended over the surface? There is probably a clog in the catalytic converter.


If you are comfortable working with your car, temporarily remove the oxygen sensors from the exhaust. If your car is obviously not doing as well after this, it’s a certain sign that your catalytic converter is not working properly and needs to be replaced.

Increases in Emissions

If there is any contamination amongst the mechanisms in the catalytic converter, it might stop working properly. Motor oil or antifreeze are two common contaminants. You should notice a higher than normal level of carbon emissions in your exhaust, which confirms that the issue is your catalytic converter.

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