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5 Indications Your Suspension System Needs Repaired

Suspension System

Here are five signs to watch out for that will tell you that your suspension system needs to be looked at.

This time of the year is the worst time for roads and vehicles because the potholes are out in full force. Potholes can do a lot of damage to vehicles – they can ruin tires, wheel rims, and your suspension system. In addition, they can also knock your vehicle out of its proper alignment. Wheel and rim damage are fairly easy to notice and get taken care of, but what about your suspension system? Here are five signs that you need to have your suspension system looked at.

1. Poor Ride Quality

Suspension systems will vary in quality so you’ll notice that some cars ride smoother or rougher than others under normal conditions. But if you notice that your vehicle is a little rougher than usual, or that it rolls on turns, that’s a good sign that your suspension system needs to be examined.

2. Body Roll

When the shocks start to go bad, you may notice that the body of the car feels like it is leaning or rolling. This can be a safety hazard and ought to be looked at as soon as possible.

3. Braking Nose Dives

A nose dive occurs when you apply your brakes and the front end of your vehicle starts to dive towards the ground. If the problem is particularly bad, you may notice longer brake times and a temporary loss of steering. This indicates that the shocks and struts of your suspension system can’t handle the weight of your vehicle.

4. Squatting

Conversely, when your vehicle accelerates from a dead stop and the front end rises up, that’s another bad sign for your suspension system called squatting. It resembles a boat on the water when it accelerates!

5. Squeaking

Just like worn down brakes, shocks and struts will squeak when they need to be replaced. This is usually caused by worn down ball joints and bushings. You will notice this squeaking when you hit a bump or pothole on the road, and even when you get in and out of your vehicle.

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