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4 Reasons to Stay on Top of Your Oil Changes

4 Reasons to Stay on Top of Your Oil Changes

Read on to discover four benefits of getting regular oil changes for your Baltimore car.

One of the first maintenance lessons that new drivers learn is that regular oil changes are essential for the health of a car, but why is that? Many parts of your vehicle depend on clean motor oil to function, and oil accumulates burnt particles, dirt, and other contaminants as time goes on. When this happens, a thick sludge can build up in your engine and cause wear, decreased fuel efficiency, and shorter engine life. Read on to discover four benefits of getting regular oil changes for your Baltimore car.

1. Extends the Life of Your Engine

When you have your oil changed regularly, you can extend the life of your vehicle’s engine by reducing the wear caused by dirty lubricant. Motor oil is used to lubricate various parts of the engine, and when these parts can glide smoothly, you reduce the instance of damage. Many experienced car buyers actually check a car’s dipstick to assess quality before buying, as a layer of varnish on the dipstick can be indicative of neglected oil changes.

2. Better Gas Mileage and Performance

An engine that runs smoothly is more efficient than one with sludgy lubricant. When old oil runs through your engine, metal parts can make direct contact with each other, producing friction. This friction will wear down your engine components over time and can also result in decreased performance and gas mileage.

3. Reduces Harmful Emissions

Oil accumulates contaminants and impurities over time. When these materials burn during the use of your car, they release harmful emissions through your car’s exhaust. Not only does this pollution harm the environment, but it can also prevent your vehicle from passing state inspections.

4. Cleans Your Engine

Believe it or not, oil changes help keep your engine clean by removing contaminants that are already present. When old oil is drained, foreign particles inside of the engine flow out with the spent oil. Keeping your engine clean is vital for its function, and changing your oil and filters is one of the only ways to remove the harmful contaminants that cause wear on your engine.

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