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3 Ways to Prevent Car Corrosion at the Beach

car corrosion

3 Ways to Prevent Car Corrosion at the Beach

Many Baltimoreans are no stranger to dealing with car corrosion due to salt; mitigating the effects of ice melt is on the mind of nearly every driver come winter. Summer is not without its vehicle hazards, particularly if you are near the ocean. Many folks in the area may not be aware of the fact that 1) beaches can wreak havoc on your paint and undercarriage, and 2) there are preventative maintenance techniques you can use to keep your car healthy. Follow these three preventative maintenance tips to keep car corrosion at bay before, during, and after your summertime beach trips.

1. Wash and Wax Your Vehicle

Before you head to the beach, be sure to wash and wax your vehicle. Washing your car regularly is important, and some professionals recommend getting it waxed twice a year. You should get a fresh coat of wax applied before you drive near the ocean, particularly if you are within ten miles of the shore. The closer your vehicle is to the salty breeze, the more quickly it will corrode. Wax helps keep salty air away from your car’s paint and finish, as well as protecting it from sun damage. You should also consider coating your vehicle’s undercarriage before your trip.

2. Cover Your Car

Parking your car in a garage or putting a cover on it can help reduce your vehicle’s exposure to sun and salty air. When the hot summer sunlight hits your car’s paint, the heat causes the paint’s pores to expand. This allows salt in the air to get deeper into the surface of your vehicle and cause car corrosion. Covering your car when it is parked can help reduce the risk and severity of sun damage and corrosion.

3. Clean Your Undercarriage

Once you have come home from your beach trip, wash your car as soon as possible, paying particular attention to the undercarriage. Salt from roads and the air can cause severe damage to the metal components of your car’s undercarriage if left to fester and corrode. Washing your undercarriage removes this salt.

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