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3 Signs That You Need Auto Engine Repair

3 Signs That You Need Auto Engine Repair

Read on to discover three signs that you might need auto engine repair. This information just might come in handy on your next road trip!

If you have never had a car break down and leave you stranded, it can be easy to ignore the warning signs of car trouble. However, it is essential to be aware of the symptoms of engine problems when you drive, particularly if you have never experienced such issues firsthand. Read on to discover three signs that you might need auto engine repair. This information just might come in handy on your next road trip!

1. Knocking Noises Coming From the Engine

If you hear an unusual knocking noise coming from your engine, you may need auto engine repair. This knocking, which is often compared to shoes tumbling around in a dryer, may be caused by insufficient lubrication for the engine’s metal bearings. Your engine’s moving parts use motor oil for lubrication, but high mileage, burnt oil, or low oil levels can cause the bearings and other moving parts to become worn.

2. Smoke

Smoke coming out of your car is never a good sign. While the cause may be as simple as some slight overheating or leaking fluid, you may have some more severe engine problems causing the smoke. When motor oil is burnt along with gasoline, it can produce blue smoke. Thick, white exhaust smoke can occur when coolant leaks into the engine. Both of these problems can be extremely detrimental to your engine’s health, so make sure to have your car looked at by the experts at Auto Stop Limited Inc. as soon as possible.

3. Stalling, Rough Idling, or Loss of Power

While problems accelerating can sometimes be due to transmission issues, they can also be indicative of engine trouble. Wear and tear is to be expected for a car as it ages, but sudden problems accelerating should be cause for concern. A noticeable loss in engine power is also a sign that something is seriously wrong. If you suspect engine problems, bring your vehicle to the trusted experts at Auto Stop Limited Inc.

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