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3 Options for Transmission Replacement

3 Options for Transmission Replacement

In this blog, we will discuss three options for transmission replacement for your Baltimore car. Get your car up and running again with help from Auto Stop Limited Inc.!

Whether you have noticed your transmission slipping or your car has broken down entirely, the prospect of replacing or repairing a car’s transmission is enough to stop most car owners in their tracks. Transmission problems can rack up expenses quickly, and many inexperienced car owners are often at a loss as to what to do when their transmission fails. For some, transmission failure is synonymous with a car being totaled. In this blog, we will discuss three options for transmission replacement for your Baltimore car. Get your car up and running again with help from Auto Stop Limited Inc.!

Used Transmission

Purchasing a used transmission is one option, and it is often the cheapest option. While some sellers may offer a short warranty, used transmissions are often sold as-is. Because the parts are used and have an uncertain maintenance and repair history, used transmissions are considered by some to be the least reliable option for transmission replacement. If you are simply looking to get your car moving again for a low price, purchasing a used transmission is often the most viable option.

Rebuilt Transmission

A rebuilt transmission is similar to a used transmission, except your mechanic restores it in their shop. They can be a bit more expensive than as-is used parts from junkyards or other sellers. However, rebuilt transmissions are often more reliable because they can be tested and inspected by your trusted mechanic. Rebuilt units are an excellent middle-of-the-road option for drivers who need a durable and trustworthy vehicle whose repair and maintenance will not break the bank.

Remanufactured Transmission

The third and last option for transmission replacement is remanufactured transmissions. Like remanufactured engines, remanufactured transmissions are parts that have been remade, tested, and sold by their manufacturer. Because they are often nearly as good as new, remanufactured transmissions are usually the most expensive option for transmission replacement. However, many drivers consider them to be worth the high cost because of the lower incidence of failure. If you are not sure what transmission replacement option is best for your vehicle, contact the experts at Auto Stop Limited Inc.

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