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3 Indicators that Your Car Needs Brake Service in Baltimore

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If you think something might be wrong with your car’s brakes, call the professionals at Auto Stop Limited Inc. and ask about brake service for your vehicle.

When was the last time you had your brakes checked in Baltimore? If you can’t remember when your brake pads were last replaced and your car is starting to handle poorly when you brake, you might need to have your system inspected. Luckily, brakes show significant symptoms when they begin to degrade. Unusual sounds, vibrations, and handling can be signs that your brake system needs attention from a professional. Read this post to learn more about symptoms of brake issues. If you think something might be wrong with your car’s brakes, call the professionals at Auto Stop Limited Inc. and ask about brake service for your vehicle.

1. Your Car Makes Unusual Noises When Braking

One of the classic symptoms of brake problems is a grinding, squeaking, or squealing noise when you use your brakes. This is often caused by worn brake pads, though warped rotors can also be the culprit. While you may be able to hear the noise during your everyday commute, you might be missing it. To find out if your brakes are squealing, drive your car with the windows down in a quiet area and apply pressure to your brake pedal. Doing this next to a brick wall or garage door can help amplify the noise and let you know if you may need brake service.

2. Your Brake Pedal is Soft

A brake pedal is considered “soft” if the brakes do not engage until you have pushed the pedal down further than usual. The pedal’s movements (not the pedal itself) will feel soft and slightly squishy or springy. A soft brake pedal can be symptomatic of worn brake pads, but it can also be indicative of a more serious problem with your car’s brake fluid or lines. As a result, a soft pedal should be taken seriously, and you should bring your vehicle in for brake service promptly.

3. Your Car Pulls to One Side When Stopping

Sometimes uneven wear on your brake pads, impurities in your brake fluid, or a collapsed hose can cause your car to pull aggressively to one side when you apply pressure to your car’s brakes. In addition to being a clue that you have serious brake issues, this can also cause accidents and put you in harm’s way on the road. If this occurs, get brake service without delay from one of Baltimore’s most trusted auto repair companies: Auto Stop Limited Inc.!

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