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3 Consequences of Neglecting Your Tire Alignment

tire alignment

Here are three negative consequences of neglecting your tire alignment.

Owning a car is a massive responsibility. Your vehicle has many parts that work together seamlessly to take you where you need to go, but some of those parts require regular maintenance to stay in top shape. One component of your automobile to keep an eye on is your tires. You likely remember the last time you checked your tire pressure or got new tires, but when was the last time you had them aligned? If you have not had your trusted mechanic check your tire alignment recently, you are likely due for service. Here are three negative consequences of neglecting your tire alignment.

1. Low Gas Mileage

Unusually poor gas mileage can be indicative of many things, one of which is misaligned tires. When tires are poorly aligned, they tug in different directions. This creates more work for the car to perform to travel the same distance, resulting in low gas mileage. The good news is that getting tire alignment services from your local Baltimore auto repair experts can return your car’s mileage to normal.

2. Rapid and Uneven Tire Wear

Rapid or uneven tire wear is perhaps one of the most obvious signs of improper tire alignment. Wear patterns that are present on one tire but not others and wear that results in the need for new tires before the manufacturer recommendation can indicate improper wheel alignment.

3. Unusual Noises and Vibration

Any unusual noises or vibration coming from your vehicle should be cause for concern. When the reason is incorrect tire alignment, the vibration and noise are due to your car’s wheels pulling against each other. This can put a strain on your car’s suspension, engine, steering column, or other components. Any unusual vibration can shake parts so severely that they become unbolted or otherwise damaged. This can not only lead to severe and expensive damage in the long run, but it can also lead to accidents on the road. If you experience any unusual vibration or noises while you drive, bring your car to the professionals at Auto Stop Limited Inc.

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