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3 Common Procedures for Auto Radiator Repair

3 Common Procedures for Auto Radiator Repair

Here are some common procedures that may be performed by your mechanic during auto radiator repair.

If you have ever seen a car stopped on the side of the road with white smoke billowing from under the hood, you know how important it is to have a working radiator in your car. Your radiator is responsible for keeping your engine from overheating. There are many reasons why radiators can malfunction, and as such, there are many strategies and methods for auto radiator repair. Here are some common procedures that may be performed by your mechanic during auto radiator repair.

Fixing Leaks in Your Radiator and Hoses

Some of the most common issues with car radiators are leaks in the hoses or radiators themselves. Pinholes and more significant leaks make a cooling system less efficient, making it more likely that your car will overheat. Hoses are easier to patch or replace, but locating and fixing the leaks in a radiator itself can be a challenge. While auto radiator repair is possible in many of these instances, more severe leaks may require radiator replacement.

Replacing Faulty Components

Many parts work together to ensure that your radiator is running smoothly and efficiently, and the failures of any components can lead to auto radiator failure. Your radiator’s thermostat is an essential part that tells your radiator when to move fluid back and forth to your engine. This part sometimes breaks or becomes damaged, but it is often fairly easy to replace.

Draining or Flushing Your Cooling System

Your radiator functions as a closed system of cooling liquid that absorbs heat from an overheated engine and returns it to a safe operating temperature. This system must contain coolant with no contaminants, residues, or air bubbles. If your mechanic suspects an issue with your cooling system, they will likely end up draining or flushing it to remove any impurities or obstacles. If your mechanic finds contaminants, acidic coolant, or anything else out of the ordinary, further repairs may be needed.

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