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3 Common Issues with Your Steering

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Your steering ability is only as good as your car’s steering.

Routine maintenance is a great way to prevent issues with your steering. However, wear and tear happen from day-to-day use. Your steering ability is only as good as your car’s steering. If your steering wheels feel sluggish, there is sudden jerking, or there is other odd behavior, then see us at Auto Stop. We will run our diagnostic service to evaluate if repairs need to be made or your steering system is low on fluid. 

Powering Steering: A Fluid-Filled System

Power steering is a modern adaption to the automobile that makes driving a lot easier. It relies on a fluid-filled system to operate. Whining or screeching can be a sign of a low amount of fluid in the power steering system. The wheel feeling sluggish or difficult to move are also signs your power steering may be low on fluids. Because power steering is a fluid-filled system, there may be leaks or broken components our technician will repair. 

Steering Rack Mounts and Failing Power Steering Belts

Your power steering also relies on a rack mount and power steering belt. The power steering belt may become slack or damaged. Faulty steering caused by a damaged steering belt will cause your steering to be heavy or jerky. Your technician may need to replace the entire belt. Rack mounts and bushings will create unusual sounds like clicking, popping, or clunking noises as well as jerky steering.

Tie Rods and Strut Bearings

If you notice wandering wheels or a loose steering wheel, your tie rods or strut bearings may be the issue. Tie rods and strut bearings are a part of your car’s suspension. Steering and suspension are closely linked. Contact our auto technicians for repair and diagnostics. 

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