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3 Common Causes Of Engine Problems


Here are 3 problems that can cause engine issues.

When you’re driving and your “check engine” light comes on, it can make you feel a little anxious. This indicator lets you know there is a problem with your car, but it doesn’t specifically say what the problem is, which can cause you to wonder whether there is a serious issue with your vehicle or if the problem is relatively minor. Here are four of the most common issues your engine may be having when the “check engine” light comes on.

Dirty Oil

As your car goes longer without having an oil change, its oil will get dirtier and dirtier. This can lead to a variety of issues in your vehicle, including your oil filter becoming clogged. If this happens, your car probably will have issues with acceleration. Also, dirty oil doesn’t do as good of a job of lubricating your engine as clean oil would. Having dirty oil in your car can lead to the internal components of your engine grinding together. Make sure to get your oil changed regularly to avoid this happening.

Clogged Radiator

When you go too long without changing the coolant in your car, dirt can build up and cause issues in your vehicle. This is because sediment is present in dirty coolant, and this sediment can disrupt your engine. If your radiator is damaged for too long, it can lead to issues with your engine. This is because the radiator is largely responsible for cooling your engine. A clogged radiator can lead to your engine overheating, so avoid that problem by making sure your coolant is changed often enough.

Worn Out Spark Plug

Even though spark plugs are small, they play a big role in your car’s overall well-being! Spark plugs ignite the fuel that the car’s engine compressed, so it’s vital that they are working properly. When they’re not, this can cause the ignition process to not happen at the proper time (or at all). This can sap your engine’s power and dramatically decrease your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

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