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3 Common Check Engine Light Repair Concerns

3 Common Check Engine Light Repair Concerns

Here are three common concerns for check engine light repair. If your check engine light comes on, stay calm and contact the team at Auto Stop Limited Inc.

An illuminated check engine light can inspire terror in any driver. That single bulb can indicate any number of issues from an impossibly massive list, and the consequences for neglecting it can range from slightly poorer gas mileage to your vehicle not running at all. While the potential issues indicated by a check engine light can vary depending on the car, here are three common concerns for check engine light repair. If your check engine light comes on, stay calm and contact the team at Auto Stop Limited Inc.

1. Faulty Catalytic Converter

Your car’s catalytic converter is responsible for converting your car’s emissions into less harmful compounds. If its sensors detect an issue with its performance, your check engine light will illuminate. Catalytic converters can be costly to replace. The value of recyclable metals within the part can also make it a target for theft, so your check engine light may be indicating the absence of your catalytic converter altogether.

2. Broken or Missing Gas Cap, EVAP System Issue

You likely know that your gas cap keeps gasoline and its vapors from escaping your gas tank. However, many drivers do not know that your gas cap is just one part of the Evaporative Emission Control System (or EVAP). The EVAP system works to regulate pressure in your gas tank, collect vapors, and contain your car’s fuel. There are a few different containers and valves that can leak, causing your check engine light to turn on. Try double-checking your gas cap. If that does not work, you will likely need more intensive inspection and check engine light repair.

3. Failing MAF Sensor or Oxygen Sensor

There are two sensors that evaluate the air and vapors going into and coming out of your car, and both of these sensors can malfunction, triggering your check engine light. The Mass Airflow (MAF) sensor evaluates the amount of incoming air and determines the correct amount of fuel to inject into your engine for efficient performance. The oxygen sensor measures the oxygen content of your car’s exhaust and, like the MAF sensor, adjusts the fuel-to-air ratio in your engine to optimize gas mileage. If either of these sensors malfunction, you may experience decreased fuel efficiency.

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