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3 Car Maintenance Services You Should Probably Have Done Right Now

Let’s face it: It can be hard to keep up with routine car maintenance. Your car has certain requirements after a certain number of miles and remembering to take it in on schedule can be a headache. If your behind on car maintenance, we understand. It happens to the best of us. But if it’s been awhile since you showed your car some love, then it will likely need a few upgrades. Here are the top 3 you should consider.


Bring your car into your Baltimore mechanic for routine maintenance now!

New battery

If your car battery is more than a couple years old, you may find yourself with trouble on your hands. Cold weather is tough on old batteries so even if it doesn’t seem like you need a new one yet, you may just find that your engine is unable to turn over. Who wants that when it’s 15 degrees outside? Prevent the possibility of a very chilly disaster by replacing your car’s battery now.

New tires

We haven’t had much snow in Maryland yet but that doesn’t mean it’s not coming. Are your tires prepared? If it’s been awhile since you had new tires installed, they’re probably a little worse for the wear. As your tires age, their treads wear down which makes them less effective in slippery, wet, and snowy conditions. Your best bet is to have winter tires installed now to prevent your car from spinning out of control.

New wiper blades

Drivers often forget about their wiper blades and get so used to them that they don’t even notice when they start to become less effective. Don’t fall into this trap! Wiper blades should completely clean your windshield so that your visibility is not compromised. Good visibility is crucial for safe driving. Even if you don’t think you need new wiper blades, you probably do so visit your Baltimore mechanic to have them replaced.

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