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3 Auto Radiator Repair and Maintenance Myths

3 Auto Radiator Repair and Maintenance Myths

Here are three auto radiator repair and maintenance myths that can land you in hot water.

Automobiles have a great deal of moving parts that are necessary for their function, and radiators are something with which many drivers are familiar. However, many myths and half-truths surround these pieces of machinery. Here are three auto radiator repair and maintenance myths that can land you in hot water.

1. Antifreeze: Fill It and Forget It

When it comes to certain fluids in your vehicle, it can be easy to forget they are there. Radiator fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and transmission fluid are just a few of these liquids that many car owners do not think about regularly. However, the type of radiator fluid you use and the level of antifreeze in your system can have severe adverse effects if they are incorrect. The wrong type or amount of fluid can lead your radiator to overheat, and antifreeze leaks can be harmful to nearby animals and people.

2. Hitting Excessive Amounts of Insects Will Damage Your Radiator

Some people are under the impression that hitting a lot of bugs with your car can cause damage to your radiator. This is one of the more unusual car myths out there, and it is almost entirely baseless. While keeping your vehicle clean is always a good thing, a few stray insects lodged in your grille will not lead to the need for auto radiator repair. As long as you are not hitting hundreds of thousands of insects at alarmingly high speeds, your radiator will likely be unaffected.

3. If Your Radiator Overheats, You Should Slow Down

This is one of the more dangerous vehicle myths because it seems like it could be true, but in reality it can make the situation worse. If you notice vapor spilling out from under the hood of your car or your heat gauge is creeping upward, your radiator is likely overheating. It seems like shutting off the engine would reduce the temperature of the radiator. This is incorrect. An overheating radiator requires air and coolant to flow across it, and this happens when you are driving the car. So if your vehicle is overheating, turning your car’s heat on and leaving your engine running can actually help cool down your car.

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