Customer Reviews

June, 2016

I have known RJ and Auto Stop LTD since my eldest son did a Baltimore Lab School internship at his business in 2013. Since RJ he has taken care of a growing fleet of family vehicles (5 cars including 3 teenage drivers). This includes everything from general maintenance to installing a re-manufactured engine in our old jeep. Here is what you need to know about RJ and his crew at Auto Stop:

They are committed to the community
They are skilled and knowledgeable
They are honest
They deliver on time

Auto Stop is on 25th Street, just east of Greenmount and the neighborhood is vibrant with business. Drop your car off on the way to work and take a 5 minute Uber…you can thank me later.

June, 2016
Great and fast service, was in and out in no time. whenever I need my car fixed I'll take it to this shop.

March, 2016

This place is easily the best auto shop I've ever been to. The employees are easy to talk to and they explain everything in an easy to understand way. As long as I'm in Baltimore, I'm going to them for all car repairs!

March, 2016
Experienced mechanics, amazing service, definitely recommended for everyone!!

March, 2016
The AutoStop Limited on East 25th Street is an amazing place full of amazing people. I am a newcomer to Baltimore and was referred to them by a nearby Honda repair shop. Last weekend my car battery died of old age and I called the owner RJ, not realizing the shop wasn't open on weekends. He was SO helpful, giving me the names of two towing companies and lining up a person of his own just in case. One of the towing companies showed up, gave me a "jump" and off I went in my car, only to have it die (dead!) where it would have to be removed by 10 AM the following day or be ticketed and/or towed by the city. I called AutoShop early in the morning before they were even open and here was RJ, answering the phone and assuring me that they would be there and have me moving well before 10 AM. In a few minutes, his technician came and again gave me a "jump" and after about 1/2 hour I drove to the AutoShop. Now the AutoShop is the first in about three blocks of very questionable "auto shops" where it looks like the parts may all have been stolen. But NOT the AutoShop! RJ was there on the phone, helping customers, and within a half hour my car's electrical system had been diagnosed and a new battery installed. RJ has numerous awards from a Lab School across the street from me - where developmentally disabled children go. He spends two hours each day teaching the students the ins and outs of auto mechanics. Several of his students have set up shops of their own. RJ and all his people are outstandingly respectful, courteous and honest. If you EVER have a car problem in Baltimore, don't even consider going anywhere except RJ's AutoStop on East 25th Street. Thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty to help me, RJ and AutoStop.

February, 2016
Can't say enough nice things about RJ his shop. I'm brand new to Baltimore and RJ not only helped me with my car, but also made me feel so welcome. He helped me find the best price for the part I needed and his labor costs are the best I've been quoted. I will definitely be recommending Auto Stop to my friends.

February, 2016
I originally chose to take my car to Auto Stop after being convinced by other reviews that they were a trustworthy, dependable place to take my car. And I'm pleased to say that I'm happy I did! Each person I talked to at Auto Stop was kind and informative. They worked with me on the overall labor cost for my total and even fixed my car in one day. I've been lucky enough most of my life to live in the same city where my mechanic uncle lives, so finding a trustworthy shop was important to me. So grateful for Auto Stop!

February, 2016
These guys are great!!! RJ and his crew are the best I have ever worked with. I own a fleet of company trucks and cars and have used many shops over the years for service. I switched my business to Autostop about 4 years ago and will never go anywhere else for service again. All anyone ever expects is to be treated professionally, receive the goods and services promised, at a fair price and stand behind the products and services they sell. Autostop does all of this and much more. Honest mechanic is not an oxymoron, it exists at Autostop.

January, 2016
Best place ever! Thanks! And for all that you do in the community.

January, 2016
They did an all around fantastic job. They were very knowledgeable, explained the exact problem to me, gave me a good price, and were very friendly. The owner has been in business for 41 years and knows how to run a great business. I will go there again for sure.

December, 2015
These guys work on my Jaguar S-type Doug and R.J. Are great men very reasonable,I like doing business with Autostop.

December, 2015
Heard nothing but good things about them from friends and online reviews, so I went to them when my car started having issues. Excellent, fast service. Definitely coming back.

December, 2015
This place is wonderful. R.J. and his staff are friendly, professional, and accommodating. Unlike the dealership, the mechanics at Autostop always take the time to explain and never over charge. I highly recommend!

December, 2015
I called the shop on a Saturday, and my call got forwarded to RJ because they are closed on the weekends. RJ helped me diagnose the car issue over the phone, and even offered to view a video I recorded to try to figure out the solution. I ended up taking my car to his shop on a weekday and he got it fixed up in a short amount of time. The customer service and attention to detail by the folks at Auto Stop is amazing. The workers are personable and professional. I would definitely recommend Auto Stop and will be coming back for any future car troubles.

November, 2015
This was my first experience with Auto Stop, and will not be my last. I called the shop on Saturday in which they were closed, a gentlemen did answer the phone, I needed to know the cost for my repair. He called me back about 15 minutes later with that information, also told me to contact RJ on Monday. I did just that, and was told to bring the car in. I said to myself , now that's service. I have a 2007 Lexus LS 460 that needed the starter replaced, now if anyone knows about the location of that starter , will tell you , it's not an easy assignment. RJ and his crew jumped on that task, and was all over it ,( like a cheap suite) . That job was done in a timely fashion, and the price was excellent.. RJ and his crew are very polite, and professional. I'd like to Thank everyone on the Auto Stop Limited team , for a Job Well Done. THANKS !!!!!

October, 2015
RJ, Doug, and the crew at Auto Stop literally "pull out all the stops" for their customers. I took my Honda CR-V in for MD state inspection and to repair a few things I had been neglecting for awhile. They replaced my windshield wipers, break pads, rotors, fan blade motor, driver's side axel, power window driver, and are helping put in a new alarm system after the old one drove me nuts for years! As a young woman with little automotive or mechanical knowledge, I was worried I might get ripped off going to the first place I looked up, but the reviews really were true. The folks at Auto Stop Limited are honest and they really gave me an incredible deal with quick turnaround, regular updates, and total transparency....on top of that, they're just genuinely nice people and probably one of the rare businesses who really understands and respects the importance of great customer service. They've got me as a customer for life, and I will definitely be referring my friends there. Great work, and thanks again! :)

October, 2015
Good quality of work and if things don't work out they have the best customer service to back it up definitely would recommend this place if you are looking for an honest mechanic to get the repairs done at a reasonable price.

October, 2015
Great service and speedy repair. Very friendly staff as well. Helped me keep my 26 year old 230k miles pick up going!

September, 2015
It was my first time going there. I called randomly in the afternoon and they were able to take me at 2 pm. I needed my axle replaced. it took a couple of hours. The very nice mechanic took me to the back and showed me my problem(s) which I really appreciate. The owner was very kind and gave me a free oil change next time I visit. Overall very pleased and will return.

September, 2015
Such a wonderful place! All I needed was a repair to my tire, but they took care of it quickly. I can tell that they do great work with everything and that they have an honest work ethic. I will definitely be a regular here. RJ, the owner, is awesome!

September, 2015
I just had my Subaru Forester worked at Auto Stop, RJ and the guys did a great and fast job! My AC had been failing so they had to replace the condenser, not surprising at 136k miles. I brought it in about 9am and had it back by 2pm the same day. Recommended!

August, 2015
Went there last week to have them fix and issue that another hi profile shop couldn't figure out. Auto Stop got back to me with a very reasonable price and had the work done in a day. Great customer service and even walked out with 2 free oil changes. Mostly get my car serviced at a dealership but thats about to change now... Thank you guys so much and keep up the outstanding work.

August, 2015
My experience with Auto Stop was awesome. My car had been overheating for sometime and the air conditioning was not working which was brutal. I had taken it to another dealership (not Auto Stop) twice and each time I took it to the other dealership they couldn't figure out what was wrong and they kept telling me to come back so that they could spend more time looking at it. I lost time from work, until eventually I called Auto Stop and they said I could bring my car in the next day. I took my car to Auto Stop and they were extremely busy but was able to accommodate me and give me an accurate timeline as to when they expected my car to be looked at. Upon arrival RJ was there to greet me and have me fill out a form with my information for my car and what I needed them to look at. Right away RJ recognized my name from the form and asked me about my engine I had replaced there 2 years ago (which was also a great experience). Due to the amount of things I needed looked at with my car and repair time, I needed to get a rental car and RJ helped advise me on which place to go to. Throughout the process Doug kept me informed of what was going on with my car. The diagnostic for my car wasn't easy and I called sometimes twice a day to check on my car (worry wart lol) and each time Doug was patient with me in explaining what they were doing with my car and what the next steps were. He never gave up and never said they couldn't figure out what was wrong. He let me know that he was dedicated to figuring out the problem and he did. I got my car back and now my air is working as good as new and my car doesn't over heat. I never write reviews but I felt like they were well deserving. Also needed to add that as a single woman coming into an auto shop is always scary, but I can say that this dealership does not jack up prices just because I may not know much about cars. Their prices are very reasonable for what they do. In 2013 when I had my engine replaced, I was charged about $2000 less (for labor and engine) than what other places were going to charge for just the engine alone. Basically, if you have an issue dealing with your car, I would definitely recommend Auto Stop. Signed-Happy Customer!

August, 2015
Excellent customer service! RJ was very friendly, explained what the problem was with my car and had it repaired quickly. He helps out City Schools students teaching them auto-mechanic skills and helping them get their student service learning hours. It's wonderful to get high quality, fast, and honest service and know that the shop helps its community. I highly recommend going to Auto Stop if you are in Baltimore and have a car problem!

August, 2015
Friendly, fast, honest service. Pretty sure someone stayed late to get my car ready so I could go to work the next day. Communicated with me throughout the day about what was going on with my suspension. Can't say enough good things about RJ & his staff.

July, 2015
I had no problem getting an appointment quickly. RJ and team diagnosed and fixed a tricky issue that my Jeep dealer was unable to solve, and they had the car running like new and back to me BEFORE the time they promised. The price they charged was FAR better than I had expected. I will definitely be back to them for all future needs. THANKS!!!

July, 2015
I have been getting taken to the cleaners at my other mechanic (or should I say OLD mechanic...never going there again). This place is amazing. They do what they say and they say what they do. They are unfailing polite and patient and there is no waste on them. You will pay for excellent service and you will pay a fair and honest price. This is a quality establishment owned and operated my quality professionals and I am never going anywhere else.

July, 2015
Today was my first experience with Auto Stop. It will most certainly not be my last. My last mechanic (Doug at Auto stop is now my mechanic going forward) is 4 mins away from Auto Stop. I have seen the steady flow of customers for years as a resident of the area. When an issue with my car could not be resolved by my mechanic at the time I sought out a new one and used google to help guide me to a deserving place. Thank you to all the reviewers that left a review for Auto Stop, you guys were right on with the customer service that they provide. It honestly deserves more than 5 stars. Seriously. Who else would tell you to not get the repairs because they are too costly and other issues could arise. Doug gave me a call a few hours after I dropped of my car to let me know the result of the list of 6 issues i had with my car. He went over each one, what he saw, what could be the cause, what it would take to repair it, and so much more! Doug and Mr. John ( the owner) care about their customers and their hard earned reputation. They know that most of us have no idea what is going on with our cars and break it down so that we understand it and know the best option for us going forward. If you are looking for a reliable, friendly, knowledgeable auto repair shop LOOK NO FURTHER. Please dont forget to let Mr. John and Doug know how much you appreciate their services, they are so humble and grateful that you will feel good in doing so.

July, 2015
My husband referred me to Auto Stop Limited about 5 years ago. Love the work they do, love the conversations and I love the fact Doug explains the process while fixing my car. I made a big mistake about two months ago and went to Merchants out route 40. It was a weekend and I was being very impatient. Long story short, my 2004 Chrysler Sebring was a mess after I left and I was very unhappy. I finally took my car back to Auto Stop Limited and Doug showed me everything that Merchants did not do. Once I got my car back it ran so good!!!!! It felt like when I first purchased it! No matter what car I have, I will always be a lifelong customer. To address Michele's "review", there is a difference between leaving a good review and a bad review. To try to make it seem like these men are incompetent is very rude. You can't please everyone and some people make it very hard to work with them. Go somewhere else and pay a whole house mortgage to get your car fixed. I have never had a problem with their pricing. I have never had a problem with their timing. I have never had a problem after getting my car back. Be respectful and be mindful that they are human and great mechanics. Thank you Doug and Rj!

May, 2015
I'm so glad I was recommended to come here, I've been having so much trouble with my car (of course it just got paid off) and they have been nothing but amazing. Ever time I call them they give me real advice and try to keep me from spending ridiculous amounts of money. Very accommodating, professional, and did a great job!

May, 2015
I never write reviews, but the guys at Auto Stop are certainly deserving. I took my car to a different mechanic, and, long story short, the other mechanic told me that I would need a completely new engine (to the tune of $2000+). I took my car to Auto Stop to get a second opinion, and found out that the first shop was basically lying about everything. The mechanics at Auto Stop worked with me and kept me informed every step of the way (and showed me how the first shop was completely lying about my car's engine). I cannot recommend these guys enough! These guys are, in my opinion, the best and most honest mechanics in Baltimore.

April, 2015
I can't recommend this highly enough! Very professional, fast, fairly priced an conveniently located to anyone who lives in northern Baltimore. All of the staff, including the owner Randy Jordan, are very friendly and accommodating. Patronize this business!

March, 2015
My car was a victim of a Baltimore city pot hole! I called the dealership I purchased the car from and they wanted to charge me $112 just to diagnose the issue and it would take them up to 2 days to diagnose the problem. Well.. Needless to say I searched around and Found Auto Stop, I called they told me to bring the car in and they would check it out for free. I took my car in at 10am and had a new flex pipe assem. put on and my car was ready by 4:30 the same day. I got it back and it's sounding brand new again! I will be going here from now on for everything including routine maintenance. Thanks so much Auto Stop!

March, 2015
The guys at Auto Stop are really great, and seem to be genuinely interested in providing top-notch customer service along with knowledgeable repair and maintenance work. I've had both major and minor work done at Auto Stop, and they are one of the few trustworthy shops that I'd bring any of my vehicles to...the fact that their rates are pretty reasonable is another "plus".

March, 2015
RJ was accommodating and kind and helped me take care of my car quickly. I would recommend anyone looking for a fair price and honest work on their car to go to the Auto Stop.

March, 2015
Definitely recommend Auto Stop to anyone in Baltimore needing car service

February, 2015
I am not easily impress about ratings, but this is the BEST auto shop I been to ever, they have HONEST people that work on your vehicle like its theirs and wont try to get over on you like them other shops or dealerships. RJ and DOUG you are the best, I tell everybody I know who having car problems leave it to these guys and you wont have them problems.

February, 2015
(STOP LOOKING AT ALL THE REVIEWS AND JUST CALL THEM. *MAKE SURE YOU CALL AT 8AM*) Now here's my story: As an out-of-state student it is very hard to find trustworthy services in Baltimore. I was very pleased with the professionalism at Auto Stop, and it was very refreshing how great the customer service was. I had previously went with another mechanic in Baltimore that was not looking for the best interest for me or my car, instead he was looking for the next come up. My car was finished in efficient timing at a great cost! RJ was super helpful in making sure I understood what was being done to my car and what else may needed help. They will never know how much I appreciate their great services. I am definitely going to be a repeat customer as long as I am in Baltimore! OKAY STOP READING JUST CALL!

January, 2015
This place is excellent. They've got a customer in me as long as I'm in the area. Really enjoyed talking to RJ. Great professional place that he's got there. I needed an oil me in and out with no appointment or anything in about a half hour. Very impressed with the people and the work. Would recommend to anyone in the area or just passing through.

January, 2015
Auto Stop Limited is wonderful. They are not only very friendly and accommodating, they are honest and sincere. They will NOT rip you off and they do an outstanding job on your car. I trust them completely to be honest about needed repairs. You won't go wrong using them.

December, 2014
Had a flat tire and the owner went out of his way to get an employee to drive it to the shop and change it to my spare. They ordered me a new tire which I paid for that day, took less than an hour total. As a new driver I had to say that the owner was very kind and experienced, helping me with my issue even though I was flustered and panicked. In the end I only paid for the new tire (very fair price as well) and went home without my groceries even turning bad. I'll definitely be coming here again if I need help!

November, 2014
This is my second time going there and both times I walked out happy!! Staff is extremely friendly and RJ is the best! Thanks for working with my budget today! Will definitely be coming back!

November, 2014
Trustworthy, affordable, quick, and easy. Best experience i have ever had with a shop. Highly recomended!

November, 2014
Such and awesome experience, got me back on the road asap! I will definitely forward my network to this professional business.

October, 2014
Very good and quick service. They were able to get me in and out within an hours time. It was my first time there and RJ was very pleasant. Being that it was my first time, he told me the history of him and his shop and showed me around a little. Although my car would not cooperate for them to diagnose it, I felt that they would have done a very good job and the pricing seemed very reasonable for another issue they quoted me on. I will definitely be going back to them in the very near future for all of my repairs.

October, 2014
This place is great in every way in terms of the work quality, customer service, and price. I emailed 5 or 6 shops with my problem and RJ was the first to respond (~30 min) and ended up being the cheapest by about 30% for an engine replacement. I was a bit skeptical being so much cheaper than the others but I figured it's worth a try. It definitely was worth it and I'll keep going back. I was a bit shocked to see such a low rating and realized there are about 20 reviews (hopefully this won't be one of them) are hidden (~80% are 5's) and not accounted for in the rating. Bottom line - go here and you will save your sanity and some money.

September, 2014
They were great! My car was stalling and the check engine light was on. They repaired the car for under $100. I'm positive any other shop would have charged me far more! These guys are great!

September, 2014
My experience with these guys have been great so far and whenever I have an issue with my car or have to get it serviced I go to these guys. Their prices are great and they are very nice, they make it their priority to make sure that all of their customers are taken care of and that you walk out their shop happy. I highly recommend them if you have any car issues, you won't find any shop better then them.

September, 2014
They are amazing!!! I had a crisis situation yesterday and called the shop RJ got a tow truck to me and checked on me while I was waiting. They have wonderful customer service and got my car done in a short time. I will definitely go back for future repairs. You guys are the best!!!

August, 2014
Both the mechanics I normally use were going on vacation and they recommended I take my car to Auto Stop for something that needed to be fixed urgently. I'm a single woman and I hate taking my car to mechanics I don't know, but these guys were great. They actually found a part in an hour that my regular mechanic wasn't going to be able to get until the next day. They fixed it while I waited. Really pleased with their work.

July, 2014
I needed a tire replacement at the last minute and they were able to get me in right away and replace the tire at by far the best price. Very reasonable rates, quick and friendly work. Located right by my office, and my go to car repair shop going forward. Very happy to find these guys!

July, 2014
I am a certified journeymen machinist, and I used to drag race in California in my youth. As a machinist, you develop a sixth sense about a machine as it is running. Well, I was about to give up on my 118,000 mile, rear wheel drive, KIA Sorento ...MoreI am a certified journeymen machinist, and I used to drag race in California in my youth. As a machinist, you develop a sixth sense about a machine as it is running. Well, I was about to give up on my 118,000 mile, rear wheel drive, KIA Sorento and buy another used car (I'm frugal). When I got the car back in a rapid time frame, the owner of Auto Stop Limited told me my Sorento purrs like a kitten. The car not only purred, it kicked! My auto racing instincts took control of me; I decided to make a further economic commitment to the Sorento, and bought 4 new high performance tires that grip the road like a cat in rain and snow. It recently stormed violently, I test the maneuverability of the tires and the Sorento. Pow! Ping! Bamm! The car performed like a Formula One race car. I began to get scared; this rejuvenated KIA Sorento, which I now call: "The Beast" is out maneuvering Audies, BMWs, Mercedes, and any other luxury auto. The engine, the tires, the suspension, and driver are acting as one. The mechanics were like Dr. Frankenstein, they bought my car from the dead, back to life; saving me thousands of dollars to which I now can devote that money to my vacation in Jamaica. I never in my life would have thought to have uttered these words in a auto repair shop: "You saved me money by the work you did on my car.

July, 2014
I had an emergency situation Saturday. I called the shop and even though they were closed, the owner helped me to trouble shoot the problem over the phone. I was very pleased with the service! Exceptionally pleased! I would highly recommend them without a question!

July, 2014
R.J. and his team were extremely helpful to me after my car broke down about a mile away from the shop. I described the problem over the phone and R.J. instructed me how to get the car to his shop safely without damaging it further (it had a bad cooling system problem). Not only was Auto Stop able to finish the work the next day, they quoted me an extremely reasonable price and made sure my car was in great working order. There are a few other auto garages in the area, but I am definitely taking my vehicle back to Auto Stop the next time I have any kind of problem. Highly recommended!

July, 2014
When my sons car needed a new engine I found Auto Stop online. RJ and his team not only replaced the engine for half the price that the dealer wanted but he had the engine delivered and installed it in just 4 days. The car runs great. I will be back again!

June, 2014
Highly recommend this place! I was lucky enough to be referred to Auto Stop by a random stranger that overheard me talking about needing a mechanic. RJ and his team are the most honest and reliable mechanics I have ever worked with. You get a sense of community and trust when you are there. I had a broken wire from when I got my battery replaced at a different auto shop store, and RJ replaced it for me at no cost. It can be very difficult to find trustworthy mechanics, especially when you don't know much about cars. Will definitely continue to go back.

June, 2014
This is a great place! I was on my way home that is two hours away from Baltimore and found I had a crack in my radiator. I called around to several different places near by and they told me prices twice the price as Auto Stop. I explained my situation to RJ, that I really needed it fixed at once. He took me early the day after, and at first told me that it would be done that day around 4pm. Unfortunately my boyfriend was the only person I know in the area and he had to go to work. They put me at first priority and it was done by 1pm. Great service all around. I will definitely go back!

June, 2014
When I left, I immediately called my boyfriend and told him I had the best auto shop experience of my life. Staff is friendly and professional, and my oil change (my car takes synthetic oil) was about half the price it would have been elsewhere! Staff was knowledgeable about other issues with my car, but not pushy. Will definitely go back.

May, 2014
Love Love Love these guys..... Their fast and the price was perfect....

May, 2014
Brakes work fine. The airconditioner works fine and it is blowing cold air. They were very professional. When they explained the needed work, they were clear and precise. They were very patient when questions were asked. Time management was well effected. The car was ready when they said it would be. They created a very professional atmosphere. Their customer service made you feel comfortable and confident. I was very pleased with the quality of work and prices. This is the first time that I used an auto shop outside of the Subaru dealership. I would use them again for future repairs.

May, 2014
RJ is a very trustworthy, reliable and reasonable mechanic. I have been going to him for several years now. I have body shops that are closer but I drive through the city to get to his shop. I trust that he will not do any work that isn't necessary or overcharge me. To top it all off, RJ is a very warm, caring and understanding person.

May, 2014
I was able to save quite a bit of money by letting them put my radiator in and a job well done thus far. I will go back if other issue arise.

April, 2014
Great service and the guys went out of their way to make me fell comfortable with replacing my motor in my 2005 Chevy Avalanche. Truck runs great and I will be going back for more service in the future. Nice to find a good honest shop!!! Very resonable price, saved a bunch.

April, 2014
Just wanted to thank you once again. The Lexus runs great. You and your staff did an awesome job.

March, 2014
The people have a professional attitude, fast, and they do a very good job. I would recommend going to them for services.

March, 2014
Best Auto Shop around!! I took my car there to have a whole new engine put in. The guys there were awesome. They towed my car to the shop for me, they took care of all the parts and everything, they were very fast getting it done. we calle...d around for prices before deciding on this place and they were the lowest quote by far, and when my car was finnished the price they told me was the price I paid. And on top of all that these are the nicest guys! excellent customer service. Every time I talked to them they were very friendly, helpful and professional. Overall an awesome experience during a very stressful situation. I will definitely go back to them if I ever need anything done in the future!

February, 2014
TK was great, he took very good care of my car. Everyone at the shop is helpful they let you know everything that's going on with your car and try to help you and work with you on getting it fixed. Prices are reasonable as well. They don't kill your pockets. I got plenty of work done for the money I spent, it was well worth it.

January, 2014
I had a great experience with Auto Stop, Everyone who worked there was really nice. They also made the repairs to my car very quickly.

December, 2013
Had a great experience at Auto Shop Limited today. The mechanics are professional, friendly, knowledgeable and competitively priced. I felt completely at ease in the shop and appreciated the time they took to explain to me exactly what they were doing to my car, why and how much it would cost. I will definitely go back and would highly recommend them to all of my neighbors!

December, 2013
I had the misfortune of having my battery die on 25th Street. But I had the fortune of finding Auto Stop right across the street. The customer service was top notch, and they had me up and running in no time. I can highly recommend them!

December, 2013
I just want to say RJ at Auto Stop Limited has be fantastic. I live in California and I am a father of a wonderful young lady who is living in Baltimore, working with a Non-profit helping the youth of Maryland. Her Toyota Rav4 transmission failed, a problem Toyota is aware of, and she is 4 months out of the Extended Warranty. RJ has given us options to repair and more importantly he has been extremely patient with us. With the distance and time difference and her not having any family back there is making this a very difficult situation to deal with. THANK YOU RJ AND THE STAFF OF AUTO STOP LIMITED INC FOR HELPING US. We are blessed to deal with you.

November, 2013
I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service to my vehicle. I called your shop with a major problem. Upon my visit RJ and Doug explained my options of repair. Great service, professionalism and reasonable price. Thanks again for treating me like a customer, "not some woman with car problems". Best little secret in Baltimore. I highly recommend all your car repairs to these gentleman.

November, 2013
RJ and Doug were fantastic. They fixed my car at a very reasonable price, explained what was wrong with my car in straightforward terms, and provided me with awesome customer service. I highly recommend them and Auto Stop!

November, 2013
HI, my name is Brandin, I took my BMW to Auto Stop to have a new transmission installed along with a new steering rack and pump. I was very satisfied with the repairs and level of professionalism (in which I am big on great customer service). My warranty company insisted on giving Doug a hard way to go but he went above and beyond to have the issues resolved and was very persistent. They can count on me as a lifetime customer for all my maintenance and repairs. I highly recommend this shop to anyone!!!!

October, 2013
I am a new customer of Auto Stop, and very glad I decided to try this local repair shop. I had gone to another auto repair shop when my car started having transmission issues, but they could not diagnose the problem. They estimated it would cost nearly a thousand dollars to perform the exploratory car surgery that my Honda required, so I decided to get a second opinion to see if I could get a better deal elsewhere. ... view moreWhen I went to Auto Stop, they found the source of the problem almost immediately- rats were chewing the wires in my car, which Auto Stop quickly replaced. It happened again not more than a week later, and as a courtesy they replaced the part free of charge. This business has saved me a great deal of money, and the service was done much more quickly than I expected. I'll be taking my car here from now on!

September 16, 2013
I really appreciate the time and effort Doug took with my car care. I am very pleased and will continue bringing my car to AutoStop!

June 22, 2013
Went in after looking them up here on google. Had decent reviews for a shop that could do transmission work. RJ and Doug seemed very honest like they weren't going to pull a fast one on me who has minimal auto repair knowledge. Originally I thought it would be anywhere from 500-1000 dollars as my truck was leaking trans fluid quite badly. Ended up being just over 100 bucks for total repair, did it in about 30 min for me as it was only a hose. Really appreciate the fast and genuine service. Firefighters get a discount here!!! I will be back for all of my future service.

June 20, 2013
Quality is Excellent! FABULOUS! Most professional and honest mechanics I have dealt with in 50 years. Repaired my car as promised at a reasonable price and even did some additonal repairs when needed. My only compaint is that I did not discover these guys 30 years ago (they have been in business that long). Doug is terrific. If you need auto repair, get to these guys asap.

June 13, 2013
I went in because my car was having trouble starting and I thought it was something with the fuel pump. My engine light was on, also. They checked the engine light first and found that I needed a new thermostat, core temperature sensor, and catalytic converter, all of which could be contributing to the starting issue. They were very professional and honest with all interactions and I felt comfortable dealing with them. I didn't have all of the work done, but my car is running great now and I will definitely go back for the catalytic converter when I save up some money.

May 29, 2013
I took my car to Auto Stop Ltd last Thursday, to have brake and rotors done. I had found their shop online while looking for prices on the job. I received a call back from one of the owners within an hour of me requsting a quote online. He was very nice to me over the phone. I was very impressed that they let me supply my own parts and did quality work for a reasonable price. While there I had the pleasure of talking to one of the owner's he was very pleasant to me and made me feel welcome. First time as a women at a shop where they did not come in with a list of things that need fixed. They emailed me within minutes of me leaving to follow up on the experience. They also made me feel like a valued customer and that is why I will return. Keep up the great work.

May 1, 2013
Doug at Auto Stop Limited, Inc was great to work with. He gave me a quote on the items that I needed installed and even after they ran into some issues with installing one of the parts I provided, he honored that quote. I had received an estimate from another shop for over $1200 for the labor alone. They will install parts you provide but you need to keep in mind that their warranty is on the work done and not the parts. Also, as stated on their website and what Doug had also informed me of in advance is that if you provide your own parts than you need to pay for the services with cash or a debit card. I am so pleased I have another car in their shop now. Note: Their prices for parts were reasonable I was just able to get them for even less.

April 30, 2013
This is THE BEST independent mechanic in Baltimore. Have been taking all of my cars there for years -- always satisfied with service/repairs.

March 27, 2013
Doug was amazing. He told me the truth about my honda. Very respondent to phone calls. Doug is one of the best.

February 20, 2013
Quality Very good. Overall probably the nicest car people that I have ever dealt with. I have dealt with 3-4 different people from the company and every single one of them have been awesome. Went there to get an engine replaced. I would recommend these guys to anyone.
Eric White

January 17, 2013
This is an unbelievable place. The staff are not only knowledgeable but possess a trait found in few mechanics: the ability to not make the customer feel stupid. I came in to get my tires aligned and it turned out their were some problems with my car that prevented it from being aligned. They listed all the problems, gave me a free oil change, a credit to get my alignment done when the car was ready and were not only encouraging, but provided technical advise so I could do it myself. This is not a shop interested in a fast buck but holding onto customers as they have for more than 20 years. Their service, friendly attitude and ability will make me a long time customer.
Isaac Sherbin

December 22, 2012
I am very pleased with the work done on my car at the Auto Stop. I had recently found them on the CraigsList and used them for the wheel alignment on my Camry. Best price, service performed while I waited, and best customer service. This was my first experience with them and I would definitely go back again. Five stars for the repair and customer service.

October, 2012
My new favorite auto repair shop in Baltimore. My Camry had major over-heating problems that rendered it undrivable. Had it towed it to Auto Stop and Super Doug went to work on it at a cost much less than other shops would have charged. I really appreciate his diligence in resolving the problem and the follow-up calls afterward. These guys are A-Plus in my book and I will recommend them to family and friends. If you are looking for a reliable auto repair shop, this is the place to go.
Tanya Morris

July 29, 2011
Thank you for the honesty, integrity, and straight up help that you guys gave me. I'm the guy who got stuck in Baltimore coming from Philly. My thermostat broke and I didn't know where to go. I tried other places and they attempted to rip me off. The guys at Auto Stop Limited, Inc were straight up with me in every question I asked and the mechanics there even helped to explain some of what was going on and gave me a heads up for the possibilities of future problems. Your service was remarkable and very much appreciated. I know a lot of people who travel up and down the eastern seaboard and they will definitely hear about you guys. My friends in Baltimore, I thank you! My car ran fine on the way home from Baltimore to Philly and no problems occurred.
Philip J. B.
The College of The Liberal Arts - Psychology
The Pennsylvania State University

January 25, 2011
I don't know much about cars, but Randy and Doug were both very nice from a customer-service respect and very fair when it came to the price. Doug called to update me on the progress of the work on my car mid-day, and called again to let me know that it was done. Both guys were very patience and able to explain the clutch problem I had with the car to me, someone very ignorant when it comes to the subject of car mechanics. I have confidence that they'll take care of me and my car.
Repair Pal Reviewed

February 1, 2011
Auto Stop is a very courteous, efficient and fast automotive mechanics shop. The shop personnel are very professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend their shop to every and anyone who has a problem with their vehicle to take it to Auto Stop. My experience was great. Thanks Auto Stop for your service.
Harold Thomas
Repair Pal Reviewed

June 6, 2011
Auto Stop services all 3 of our cars.....great service and prices. Had a great experience with an engine replacement on a 2002 Honda. Price was very fair, used engine and labor warranted for a full year. Car was ready in 2 days! Would recommend for all repairs. Has become our go to place.
Valarie D.
Yelp 5 stars!

May 1, 2011
Recently I had my car serviced at Auto Stop Limited, Inc, Inc. located in Baltimore Maryland. The service was excellent. My car was serviced with detailed description of the problem, provided me with reminder of recall to be completed, and cleaned to perfection. I did not incur additional charges that are often suggested by the dealer. I would highly recommend this auto shop to friends and family.
S Rowe
Repair Pal 5 Stars

April 23, 2011
Had an engine replaced in our company car and was done on time and to our budget. Nice guys. Thanks. Guest 00959
5 Stars

July 9, 2011
Needed electrical repair to our car that would not start. Towed to several different shops but could not fix. A friend told us about Auto Stop Limited, Inc and these guys found the problem and fixed it same day. We will be back! A+++++
By Guest 59793

August 2, 2011
I am very pleased with the work that was done at Auto Stop. RJ, the owner, and Doug are very helpful and explain what is going on with my vehicle. I recently had my fuel pump changed on my van and it is running perfect again. Thanks.
Vicky W.
Yelp 4 stars!

July 15, 2011
Hey no joke, these guys know whats going on. Truly as good as it gets. I knew by the second time I had work done there, cause when I came back all those months later I still seen them same faces from the first job. When RJ says he can help you out, he's not just saying it to talk. He means it buddy. You know people say "Don't take it from me". Well?. Let the good ol'boys do whats right. You'll see for yourself.
Yelp 5 stars!

May 6, 2011
Fixed the suspension on my Mercedes E500 and were very easy to deal with. Pricing is fair and they do great work. Would highly recommend them to all those looking for expert mechanics who do clean work and do not overcharge.
Rhamee B. Yelp 5 stars

February 4, 2011
I've been going to Auto Stop for over 3 years and have got nothing but the best repairs, customer service, and price! I was also impressed by the Auto Stop professionalism, these guys know what they are doing and do not try to take advantage or their customers. After shooting Randy an email of my issue, he responded in 15 minutes with an estimate that was not only the cheapest I found but was 95% accurate when it came to the final bill. This is definitely the best experience I have had with a mechanic (or dealership).
Josh A.
Yelp 5 stars!

January 25, 2011
I don't know much about cars, but Randy and Doug were both very nice from a customer-service respect and very fair when it came to the price. Doug called to update me on the progress of the work on my car mid-day, and called again to let me know that it was done. Both guys were very patient and able to explain the clutch problem I had with the car to me, someone very ignorant when it comes to the subject or car mechanics. I have confidence that they'll take care of me and my car.
C. W. Yelp 5 stars!

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